Magalie Naudet | 74450 Saint Jean de Sixt - Haute Savoie - France | 07 83 19 77 84

Services and rates

You want a service that is not listed below? I welcome you to contact me at 07 83 19 77 84 or mail. Rates from and valid until July 1st 2024. VAT not applicable.

Half-day telesecretariat package (4 hours)4 hours of working in order to realize various secretarial tasks as required by the client149.45 €
On-site price per hourTravel of the secretary at the customer43.00 € (plus travelling expenses according to the distance)
Telesecretariat price per hourRealization of administrative works since the place of residence of the secretary40.45 €
Elaboration of estimatescomputer input of elements for the realization of estimatesOn quotation
Half day package on site (4 hours)Carrying out various secretarial tasks on client’s site154.50 €
Relaunching of unpaid invoicesRelaunching of the invoices awaiting payment by telephone1.95€ per call in french. 2.05 € per call in english
Relaunching of unpaid invoicesWriting of dunning letters, letter of given notice to pay5.90 €/letter in french. 7.90 € per letter in english
Computer input of technical datasheets/ReportsComputer input of intervention bulletins or other on specific softwarespreadsheet or software word processor. Price varies according to the time spent for the input.2.65 €/report (rate may change according to the time required for input)
Computer input of documentsComputer input of handwritten documents (reports, mails, meeting reports, quotations, contracts, etc), formatting and layout. Price varies according to the complexity of the work required.18.65 € per page in french. On quotation for documents in english
Review and correction of documentsSpelling mistake correction, grammatical, syntax and conjugation check.8.75 € per page in French. On quotation for documents in english
Creation and management of databasesComputer input of Excel fields to establish or manage database (for mailing sending)On quotation
EnvelopingTurning on mail envelope. Stamping in addition0.65 € per envelope
InventoryStockholdingOn quotation
FilingFiling and storage of administrative documents. Service realized on-site or with telesecretariat.43.00 €/hour on-site. Travelling expenses according to the distance. 40.45 €/hour (telesecreriat)
ArchivingOrdering and classification of administrative documents in the respect for the deadlines of the preservation of documents. Service realized on-site or with telesecretariat.43.00 €/hour on-site. Travelling expenses according to the distance. 40.45 €/hour (telesecreriat)
Organization of travels, participations in exhibitions and fairsOn quotation
Subsidies application filesPreparation of a grant application file and/or aids coming from Europe, French region, communities (inquiry from the institutions concerned, gathering of the necessary supporting documents, filling in the form, sending)On quotation